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2AB, a participation of the Turquoise Group, which has 25 years of experience, with its expert design and production team; • Provides unconditional continuous customer satisfaction by meeting the needs of its customers, • Based on a process-oriented management approach and providing efficiency, it delivers quality products and services that meet the demands of its customers at affordable prices and in full and on time.

Among our product portfolio; There are products such as Technical Personnel Work Clothes, Health Personnel Work Clothes, Food Sector Kitchen Personnel Work Clothes, Overalls, Security Personnel Suits, Jackets, Trousers, Suits, Fleece Clothes, Coats, T-shirts, Waiter Vests, Aprons, Hats.

Fabrics used:
Cotton gabardine 16X12 – 7X7 (100% Cotton)
Blend gabardine 200-245-300 gr (65% polyester 35% Cotton)
Tery-cotton (65% polyester 35% cotton)
Dacron (80% polyester 20% Cotton)
Oxford shirt (60% polyester 40% Cotton)
Poplin (100% Cotton)
Fleece (100% Polyester)
Two threads (100% cotton)
Three threads (75% cotton 25% polyester)
Lacost (100% Cotton)
Sotina-oxford-tafetta-bonding-micro (100% Polyester)
Shell soft (96% polyester, 4% lycra)
Alpaca (67% polyester 33% viscose)
Jeans (100% cotton)
Quilted (100% Polyester)
Polyester Lining (100% Polyester)

For more details check our catalog and don’t hesitate to contact us.
2AB, made production to major companies in Turkey, that are worldwide known. Here below you can see some of our references.