Turquoise is running its commercial activity on two legs. The first is direct production of the commercial commodities, which we have been professionalised in years and are able to offer the best available quality. This leg is about chemicals and polymers. Plastic packaging production, recycling the raw material of these products are some aspects of our production facility.

Second leg of our commercial activity is to run long term cooperations on win-win base. As Turquoise has reputable relationships in commercial society in Turkey and has good and always developing contacts with people in locally critical and essential positions; it developed the business in couple of dimensions – but still related with chemistry.

Today, Turquoise is authorized to distribute many goods and materials of some brands to abroad. Either to export from Turkey or to import to Turkey, we are always open to new contracts. Also, for deliveries to abroad for our aproved (by CE, FDA, ISO or other) products, we would like to cooperate with other companies in the World. Don’t hesitate to contact us.
In 2018, we first time tested the idea in LDPE recycling. End of 2017, waste plastics import to China was closed down by Chinese government. One important transport way in the world radically changed. Scrap plastics prices went down in Europe as a large demand from Far East stopped. However the market structure and size of China still was in need of low cost raw material. They spread over the World to look for the best outsource options. Among Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey was a good partner to Chinese due to low losts, strategic location. That year Turquoise exported recycled LDPE raw material to China. Toward the end of the year China created lower-cost solution fields in nearby countries with Chinese own technolgy.
In 2018 many Chinese visited Turkey and making local production contracts of LDPE raw materal were what they were looking for. The way they invest was to purchase all quantity for beginning and they did it for some time. As mentioned above Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia options got more practical in time for Chinese. In less than a year strategy moved towards Asia.
Turquoise just learned one other way to develop business. Currently, we keep several projects and save our documentations safe. We go on meetings with foreign investors. Also we are ready to develop their projects locally if that is within our profession.