Customs in Turkey is an establishment operating under the Ministry of Commerce. The customs clearance process is the collection of all acts including the conduction of operations and monetary transactions between the state and the local trader in order to finalize the foreign trade on the Turkish side of the customs, as we all know. Regarding the details of this service you can get more information.
Container loading inspections are beneficial for all importers who want to ensure safe loading. This helps you, to get your material, product or any kind of good properly loaded, verified in case of any international froud actions. In a way we mean that, from the first piece loaded into until sealing the container all the steps are either visually live reported or documented with full legal responsibility. For details, please read what we offer you in the related page.
Turquoise, originally has been an investing company in plastic recycling and polymer industry. Especially on this major, we have a guiding experience and professional third party local contacts.
Foreign investments, especially in this industry would be sensitively assisted in the stage of decision making. Reports are collected, translated and support in the preassesment period is provided to the investor.
Turquoise is not a law firm but we are getting service from well reputable attorney offices.