The Turquoise Group, is mainly a supplier of plastic raw materials and some chemicals. Especially some general purpose polymers, termoplastic elastomers and engineered plastics for an exact usage are the raw materials we supply. In this sense, we provide boutique solutions with the worldwide producers connected.
Moreover, we export a sensitive collection of some chemical raw materials, like boron minerals and compounds, vaseline, glycerine, engine oil, hydrogen peroxide, sodium carbonade and sodium bicarbonate.
During pandemia, medical products have had reached to an incredible turnover throughout the World. Antibacterials, medical equipments, Covid-19 test kits, and medical textile created an market for quality products.
Textile production in Turkey although being costlier than Far Eastern competitors in most regular daily dressing items, contrarily are cheaper and more reliable in medical textile items. Geographically being close to Europe offers to European market a time advantage in urgent deliveries in big quantities.
Surgical gowns we offer are in 4 approved levels and two types: sterile or non-sterile.
Raw materials, plastics, paper and packaging are majors that The Turquoise Group is mainly focused on and for years specialised in.
We, trade plastic raw materials including prime and recycled. Also, outsourcing the production we deal with reproduction of basic plastics by using imported standard quality plastic scrap. To create a value from recycling, is of course meaningful for the World resources and for the protection of the environmental balance. We added one more step on it and produced final goods to sell back to the consumers abroad.
These are, injection moulded variety of cups, garbage bags, eavy duty industrial packaging items, agricultural mulch, water drip pipelines and many other similar products we shift on production depending on current demand. The corn idea is to go to the final product from the very beginning, instead of just selling recycled granules.
Turkey is a developed country in agricultural activities. Diversity of the climate allows farmers in different regions of the country to get involved in various agricultural and facilities. There is also a devoloped industrial infrastructure of agricultural sources in Turkey.
The Turquoise Group, is supplying animal products, variety of vegetable oils and their prime products like olive, safflower, hazelnut, sunflower seeds. Our office in India, which is another significant country for agricultural entities, is an important asset for us to supply comperaively cheaper primary products, like rice, wheat, chicpeas, etc
Borax is a natural mineral made of water, oxygen, sodium and bor10 and that is contained in soil, plants and even our body. You are recommended to use warm water in all mixtures so that you can melt borax more easily. The Turquoise Group is also producing variety of cleaning products, such as pure borax, carbonate, soda, aktive oxygen containing general purpose cleaners which you can formulate to your automatic washing machines and dishwashers. We are talking of satisfying and definetely the liest harmful results among all chemical cleaning formulas in the market.
Another product of the first half of 2020, is foreseen to keep being important in the second half of the year,too. Turkey, like in the difficult times of the pandemia will provide Europe good quality products. Supplies from Turkey will continue to be popular during the last half of 2020.
Our supplies, are 3 ply non-woven refusable surgical masks, double layer washable, stylish fabric face masks.
The Turquoise Group is one of the official distributors of the water pipe tobacco brand “Ballı”.
Please check our product catalogues and don’t hesitate to contact us.