Poppy seed is usually in the shape of a small kidney and has a length of 0.97-1.48 mm and a width of 0.4-0.8 mm. The seed contains 44-50% fixed oil, 22.3-24.4% protein, 4.8-5.8% crude fiber, 4.3-5.2% moisture and 5.6-6.0% ash. Its seeds are rich in oleic and linoleic fatty acids. The color of its oil may be pale yellow or golden yellow. It is reported that the oil content of poppy varies according to the color of the seed. As a matter of fact, the oil ratio of white and yellow colored seeds was found to be higher than other seed colors. On the other hand, there is no alkaloid (morphine, nos-capine etc) in its seeds.

In human nutrition, poppy seeds are widely used in bakery products (cake, pastry, bread wtc) without any treatment. In addition, the seeds can be roasted and crushed or consumed as snacks. In addition, the oil extracted from the seeds in the places where the plant is grown is consumed as cooking oil. In addition, its oil has nourishing properties and is used as a massage oil in aromatherapy,too. In addition to these, it has been reported that its oil is used in the cosmetics and paint industry. On the other hand, the pulp remaining after the oil is removed is a valuable animal feed for the livestock sector.

Poppy has seeds of different colors compared to other plants. These colors change according to the color of the flower; varieties with white flower color white or yellow seed; purple flowered varieties are available with pink, brown and blue seeds. Among these seed colors, white and blue colored seeds are mostly traded in domestic and foreign markets. In our country, poppy seed producers export an average of 20 thousand tons annually, although it changes over the years under free market conditions.

Turkey is the biggest producer of poppy seeds, with about the half of the whole annual production of the world. Turkey and India are two countries, which are two major producers which are legally authorised by UN. Although we are able to, freely market seeds and oil we are not into other parts of the plant. Medical side of this agriculture is totally run by our official government organisations. Please just ask us about the seeds and oil of the poppy.