Transparent Shield Glass 200 micron Rigid PET Acecate
The headboard is made of healthy material (Polypropylene).
It is highly effective in preventing viruses that may come directly to the face.
It provides a high level of protection by preventing liquid particles, particles and germs coming to the nose, mouth and eyes.
Glass transparent PET acetate does not fog off your breath and provides a clear viewing angle.
The glass is removable and can be changed.
The headgear can be used and adjusted in 3 different positions.
You can use the face shield by opening / closing without removing it from your head.
It is suitable for all ages and heads with its adjustable elastic. Our face shield provides comfortable use by taking the shape of a head.
You can use it for a long time by changing or disinfecting the glasses.
It is light and does not strain your neck or head while using the product.