Borax is a natural mineral made of water, oxygen, sodium and bor10 and that is contained in soil, plants and even our body. You are recommended to use warm water in all mixtures so that you can melt borax more easily.

For laundry: Blend 1 coffee cup of Cosmorganic Borax, 1 coffee cup of laundry soda and salt of lemon.After adding the same amount of mixture as amount of regular detergent into the washing box of the washing machine, you can start the machine.

For washing the dishes: Mix 1 water glass of Cosmorganic Borax and 1 water glass of laundry soda to prepare your dishwashing detergent. Rinse your dishes well after use.

For cleaning the carpets: Mix 1 coffee cup of Cosmorganic Borax and 1 coffee cup of carbonate with warm water until it takes the form of a paste. Apply it on contaminated or stained surface, let it sit for a while and then wipe it well.To remove bad odor, sprinkle borax, that is in form of powder, on the carpet, let it sit for 15-20 minutes and then sweep it away.

For general cleaning: Mix 1 gauge of Cosmorganic Borax with 4 gauges of warm water and you can use the mixture to remove odor from and clean fabric, sofa and bed. You can use this mixture conveniently to clean and brighten your countertop, stove, oven, refrigerator and metal items in your kitchen and to clean any surface in your house. You are recommended to add vinegar to clean and brighten your metal items.

For cleaning your toilet: Mix 1 water glass of Cosmorganic Borax with laundry soda and, if you wish, vinegar, and then add warm water to until it takes the form of a paste. You can apply the mixture on a brush or sponge and clean toilet, bathtub and sink.

As insecticide: You can apply Cosmorganic Borax onto the holes from which bugs enter your house or you can mix it with sugar and sprinkle the mixture on the passageways of bugs. It can be used effectively against any bug, primarily ants, cockroaches and mice.


It does not deteriorate colors, wear cloth out and it is free of poison. They also function as disinfectant and anti-odor. It removes mold.It fulfills its function while washing and then disappears. It is used to bleach any type of cloth and all fibers (cotton, synthetic, silk, wool). It is used in all automatic washing machines. As the product is composed of completely natural raw materials, they do not harm the living creatures’ life in any way and transforms easily in nature. Thanks to its natural composition, it can be used safely for those with sensitive skin type and baby clothes. It has maximum effect in temperatures of 60°C and over.

Curtains: Add 1 gauge of Cosmorganic Oxygen-Based Bleach for slightly unclean and colored curtains and 1.5 gauges of it for very unclean curtains with light colors into the detergent box of your washing machine and run the machine at 60 – 80° C. Addition of softener and detergent is not required.

For Laundry: You can wash your laundry with as much Cosmorganic Oxygen-Based Bleach as the detergent that you use as laundry detergent. If you are going to use it with detergent, add Cosmorganic Oxygen-Based Bleach that equals 1/4 of the regular detergent that you use into the detergent box of your washing machine.

For cleaning carpet, sofa: You can add 1 gauge of Cosmorganic Oxygen-Based Bleach into 9 gauges of water and use it to clean your sofa.

As stain remover: Mix adequate amount of Cosmorganic Oxygen-Based Bleach in line with the size of the stained area with some water until it takes the form of paste and apply and spread it onto the stained surface. After letting it sit for 15 – 20 minutes, wash it in your washing machine or by hand. While it is extremely effective for removing persistent stain, it does not wear your laundry out.

For general cleaning: You can add 1 gauge of Cosmorganic Oxygen-Based Bleach into 15 gauges of water and use it to clean your bathtub and surface; countertops, stove and oven in your kitchen; for general surface cleaning conveniently. If the surface to be cleaned is extremely contaminated, you can increase the gauge.

It is composed of 100% Sodium Bicarbonate. Its fine granular structure that has been designed with special manufacturing technology is ideal for cleaning.

For kitchen countertops and washbasins: To clean your countertops and washbasins, sprinkle Cosmorganic Carbonate on a clean and moist sponge or cloth. Clean the surface by scrubbing and rinse with warm water.

To brighten stainless steel products: To brighten your items made of stainless steel, sprinkle Cosmorganic Carbonate on a clean and moist sponge or cloth. Scrub and rinse the surface. Wipe it with dry cloth

To clean your bathrooms easily: Sprinkle Cosmorganic Carbonate on a clean and moist sponge or cloth to clean your countertops, washbasins and tiles. Scrub the surface well with warm water. Wipe it with dry cloth.

To clean your refrigerator: Mix 1 Liter of warm water of half a tea cup of Cosmorganic Carbonate, apply it onto a soft cloth, wipe the interiors and exteriors of your refrigerator and then dry it off.

For dishwashers: To remove persistent dried stains of grease from your dishes, you can add 2 table spoons of Cosmorganic Carbonate into the detergent box of your machine.

To clean your dishwasher: After putting 1.5 tea cup of Cosmorganic Carbonate into the detergent box of your machine, choose a wash cycle at high temperature and start the machine. After the wash is over, the interiors of your machine will have been cleaned thanks to the carbonate.

For cleaner clothes: Place laundry into the washing machine. Add 2-3 tea cups of Cosmorganic Carbonate depending on the uncleanliness of your laundry. Add powder or liquid detergent in the usual amount that you use and start the machine. Test it on an invisible part of the cloths with color sensitivity before use.

To clean drains and pipes: Pour 1 tea cup of Cosmorganic Carbonate into your washbasin. Pour plenty of hot water onto it. It will help to clean drains and pipes and remove bad odor.

To Clean Brushes and Combs: You can clean your brushes or combs without using hazardous chemicals in your hair products. Mix two cups of carbonate with one cup of water to prepare a natural paste. Scrub combs and brushes with this paste. Then rinse it.

The laundry soda, the chemical name of which is sodium carbonate, is a natural and effective cleaning agent. Sodium carbonate is contained in several detergents. Laundry soda softens hard water. You can get better results and increase the life of your machines by using less cleaning agent with soft water. It must be noted that cleaning with soda will facilitate dissolution and removal of grease and dirt.

For Laundry: Mix 1 gauge of Cosmorganic Laundry Soda, 1 gauge of borax and 1/2 gauge of carbonate; put it into the detergent box of your machine and start the machine. You can add 1 gauge of grated natural olive oil soap into this mixture if you wish. You can double the grated natural olive oil soap and reduce the amount of borax by half if you are going to use the mixture for colored laundry. You can protect your machine against calcification by adding 1 cup of Cosmorganic Laundry Soda into your machine together with your detergent.

For cleaning your dishes: Mix 1 gauge of Cosmorganic Laundry Soda with 1 gauge of borax. You can add 10 drops of orange oil, 5 drops of lemon oil, 5 drops of rosemary oil and 2 drops of thyme oil to ensure that it smells good. Wash your dishes with this mixture.

For your dish-washer: Mix 1 gauge of Cosmorganic Laundry Soda, 2 gauges of borax and 1 gauge of lemon salt. Add small amount of water until it takes the form of paste. Fill the detergent box of the machine with this mixture fully.

To clean the oven: Mix 4 spoons of Cosmorganic Laundry Soda with 1 glass of carbonate. Sprinkle plenty of water onto the base of your oven and then cover the dirt with the mixture that is in form of powder and sprinkle a little bit more water on it. Let it sit during the night. Scrub and wipe away the dirt and grease by using an old sponge or plastic scrubbing wire.

For cleaning the bathroom and toilets: Mix 1 gauge of Cosmorganic Laundry Soda, 1 gauge of borax and 1 gauge of carbonate. You can add soft soap if you wish. Pour the mixture onto the area which you will clean and brush it. For surface cleaning: Melt half a gauge of Cosmorganic Laundry Soda, half a gauge of borax, half a gauge of apple cider vinegar in water that is 10 times the ingredients. You can add 10 drops of lemon oil or natural oils to ensure that it smells good.

To brighten metal items: You can sprinkle Cosmorganic Laundry Soda onto a sponge and scrub your steel cases such as pots and pans with it to brighten them.

For drains: Pour Cosmorganic Laundry Soda into the clogged drains and add hot water on it.



You can add it after melting it in warm-hot water in case of hand wash.You are recommended to keep the laundry in soapy warm water for 1 night for persistent stains on baby clothes.It does not leave detergent residue on your clothes and it is suitable for baby clothes and sensitive skin type.

You can add 1 coffee cup of Granular Soap into 1 litre of hot water to melt it and then use it to clean all surfaces such as carpet, sofa, tiles, windows, stove and oven. You can add apple cider vinegar or white vinegar to make sure that surfaces look brighter.

While hand washing your dishes, you can 1 water glass of granular soap into 4 water glasses of hot water to melt it and use it to clean your dishes after adding one coffee cup of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar.
Our washing powder product, Cosmorganic New Herbalmatic is 100% natural and does not contain petroleum-derived carcinogenic and harmful surfactants. We use the natural soap, that we produce on our own from 100% olive oil, as a surfactant; also content of borax, oxygen-based bleach, sulfate, soda and carbonate additions make our compact detergent, New Herbalmatic reliable for human health. Since there are no harmful chemicals in our product; It does not cause allergies, does not leave residue on clothes, it is easily cleaned with less water, does not create waste in the nature, prolongs the lifetime of your machine, additional products such as softener and descaler are not needed.
New Herbalmatic is an ideal compound configuration of the other cleaning agents we are supplying.

The most important requirement of healthy living, to stop chemical and processed products. Ourselves and especially chemical additive when cleaning is necessary to protect the abundant product. That’s why using the ‘miracle’ in which, without ever missing from our big house and again in recent years, spreading soap almost our savior. Industrial chemical content in the most natural cleaning products is soft soap. This soap cleaner do its work today in many different varieties from each other are used in homes to do it alone.
LIQUID COSMORGANIC yellow soap different from the commercially available soap is made from 100% OLIVE OIL, petroleum harmful chemicals do not contain preservatives. Allergies do not, it does not leave residue, easy to clean with less water, does not generate waste in nature, it can be used with peace of mind in the baby and children’s clothes. Olive oil is produced by the hand, it does not harm the skin and the surface is used. It is a good germicidal soap. Provides Disinfection.

Carpets and chairs: an amount added to a bucket of warm water and soap after cleaning your carpet with a vacuum cleaner (depending on the amount you can set the stain) wipe with. with a soft cloth, water mixed with soap, poured the bubbling clean your carpet. Then rinse thoroughly with water. You can also do the same process for your seat.

Floor cleaning (Parks): glacial acetic acid for a quantity of soap into the water and surface polishing bin. Then a suitable cloth, wipe parquet.

Steel and Metal Surfaces: tap handles in the bathroom and kitchen, you can delete portions of the metal soap such as shower cap or door handles. You can use to polish and clean in steel pots and pans.

Sink and Toilet Cleaning: Rub a quantity of soap in the sink or the toilet bowl pour a stiff sponge or brush. Pour boiling water on to rinse well. Surface will both shine and all the bad odors disappear.

Laundry: add 1 cup section of the washing machine with the detergent. If you use half of your detergent by adding the measure with your detergent, 1 cup washing soap can be added. Softener is not necessary.
Apart from all these; Cleaning the walls, kitchen cabinets or the looms used in cleaning and furniture cleaning. You can use soap pouring directly to the surface to be cleaned or diluting. If you add apple cider vinegar clean surfaces will be brighter.