Mostly bulk form for exports as packaging cost is rather high in Turkey comperatively in most of the countries we export. The difference between the general production performance and the packaging speed in Turkey, in some periods forces to sell bulk to abroad which is actually welcome by most African countries.
1.5 MT bigbags, sling bags and 50 kg paper bags are other packaging options. During especially periods when the local demand increases, small packaging option gets difficult.

Contracts in higher quantities need special production planning. Please contact for details.

Logistics, is another interesting side of the cement business as the value of the material can be much lower than all possible costs if not well operated. Most of our clients, make their own logistics arrangements by themselves. Still if this is not possible, The Turquoise Group offers best available transportation options effectively.
Here, the knowledge transfoer between sides is important. The capacity of the destination port and the purchase requirement should definetely match each other for an efficient trade.

Our loadings are made, confirmed and insured by all international reputable accreditation companies, transparently.