Turquoise is a growing company having strong business partners within and outside of Turkey. Knowing that power of a leading company comes from its partners and employees, our circle has grown so much in time. Rather than having employees, we have always preferred to set up our system on project basis partnerships. Instead of typical (and one dimentional in most cases) phrases of the system, such as flexible working hours, teamwork oriantation, strong leadership emphasis, problem solving capability, being dedicated; we brought term of collectivity to share all the benefits which are commonly created. This leads individuals to have their own methods, own circles and own timing but loyal to our corperate values.
Turquoise, is not looking for employees. It is looking for potential partnerships with individuals. Not talking, from the system vocabulary, we mean it. If your talents, create a surplus, you have direct share on it.

Please feel in the form and contact us wherever you are from.