Resources of the World is limited and every material once produced has a volume after its usage whether it’s reused or just thrown into the nature. Nature has also a limit to hold this extra added volume. Population is growing and the consumption has been increasing. The reactions of the nature result in less healthier life for all creatures and losing things in the natural turnover balance. We all have responsibilies for the future of the World.

Our products are variety of sensitively selected group of items which are ecofriendly. They are, we believe, a part of a sustainable production way for the future.

Turqouise Company Limited, is a young packaging company but having 15 years background in recyling main general purpose polymers. Watching trends in the World, we shifted our production and organisation from just recycling plastic into producing high quality final products. All plastic materials are produced in our factories, in our participations. Paper & cardboards are outsourced.


Our Company is focused on producing and exporting specific packaging items mainly from polyethylen films and paper. Most content is produced from recycled material. Additionally, we have a partnership with a company that produces natural cleaning chemicals with borax.

Our Products: Basically our supply in garbage bags in different sizes are already being exported to couple of countries and we are extending types of our products. Competitive pricing and reliable quality are main assets of our supplies.
Borax, on the other hand which is consumed comperatively less than other conventional detergent types throughout the world, although having lower prices and chemical hazards on human.

Our Services: Besides our production facility, our logistics department is very influential and are giving our customers support in inspections, custom clearances, load transfers, storage arrangments anywhere within Turkey

Partnerships : The corn of our success has been due to the fact that we have made sustainable and fair partnerships with producers and delivery chains throughout the world. That chain is growing every day more. Besides, Turquoise is willing to get into strategical local partnerships with foreign investments within Turkey.